Use of the Magnum Tattoo Needle

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A magnum is a tattoo needle with two rows, one on best of the other. They are stacked as you would stack soda cans laying on their facet, 4 on the base and three on best for a seven magnum. The two rows are unfold apart a lot more than a spherical so the pigment dispersal is a small smoother. It would be like comparing a good place pen to a magic marker. The little in-depth stuff is for the pen when the magic marker is for more substantial careers.

The magnums are produced by soldering your needles in a row and laid out flat. Solder at the back again, upcoming use a one edge razor blade to weave the needles. A person on top rated, a person on base, then just one on top, and so forth. Then with the razor in spot an additional layer of solder is used to hold this configuration. A stacked magnum is where they lay four down and solder them, then lay three down and solder these. Then solder the two layers jointly. This would be make a seven magnum stacked. Because they are nearer then they are smaller, so a 9 magnum stacked will fit in a seven magnum tube idea.

Right use of a magnum is at an angle. You want the magnum to lay flat on the pores and skin, but lay it down so it can penetrates at as slight angle. If you try to use a magnum straight on the skin like keeping it will pinch the customer and stick in the skin triggering the needle to jump. If the needle is flat on the pores and skin then you need to have to elevate the eye loop until you have about a forty degree angle. You need to drag a magnum, not drive it. What this signifies is that you should pull the device absent from the idea of the tube, related to driving a car or truck in reverse. If you thrust the magnum forward it will have a inclination to go less than the pores and skin making it tough for the needle to retract and shift forward once more.

Strong coloring with a magnum is incredibly very similar to coloring with a lining needle. You want to colour in the circular movement but thanks to the magnum getting wider like a paint brush you go over far more location quicker. Think of employing a magnum like applying a few lining needle side by aspect to coloration. If you go slower then you will bring about extra harm to the pores and skin. Pay interest to the texture of the skin by wiping absent all the additional pigment when you tattoo. It requires apply but you can turn a magnum on its side to use the edge needles like a liner. This will make filling in near to the line get the job done a lot more rapidly.

A person way to follow working with a magnum needle is to purchase a single of all those massive black markers that have the tapered tip. Apply utilizing the marker at a flat angle to make a bold line, and then change the marker to get a finer line. Just keep in mind to go backward to simulate needle use.

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